Current Weather

It might be a bit warm out.

TheCat jumped in the freezer, as I was making dinner, as is acting incrediably insulted since I pulled him out. Dude. There’s no air in there.

It’s not actually that hot, out. But it is 50 degrees hotter than yesterday. So he can be forgiven for the thought that this planet is falling into the sun.
hot here too. Not crazy, for late June or July. I broke ground for the garden 5-6 weeks ago, had ducks swimming in the same spot a week later, and now it is cleared, leveled and tilled, and being irrigated. That was a whirlwind of changing weather in a short period of time. Us big people take awhile to acclimate, my system says jump in a freezer too. I will be sleeping in the sun in no time but right now it is just too hot to be comfortable.
It is raining heavily at the moment but it is supposed to stop just before noon. Then I am gonna feed the birds in the front yard and allow my cat to watch them out the screen door. Birds get her so excited. lol Expecting a high of 71 degrees F. SHould end up being a soggy but nice day.
The sky is literally a hellscape because of the forest fires in Canada. Kinda neat if the air wasn't causing people I know to cough a ton.