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Current Weather

Hot and suddenly cool....about 30C (86F) and we had unsettled weather and showers show up and temp dropped 10 degrees C in less than an hour at dinner time. Rain clears off the smoke too so double good. Looks like rain and cool for a couple days.
We had knarley hail last night, quarter to half dollar sized. You can see the layering on the sucker quite well.
We had a few desperately need rain storms earlier in the week. It's been mild (70's) but the warmer weather is on its way.

Today was beautiful. Sunny and low 80's.

Currently it's 72 and breezy.
Tomorrow is the solstice but the warm weather vanished late in May and it’s been raining and cold for at least 3 weeks. In the 60s mostly. Having it be cold here in June isn’t that unusual but we had no winter hardly at all and it got warmer in late spring and seemed about to start getting nice then, winter came back.
It’s making me feel really simple minded - but it’s currently cold and steamy humid…how can weather be so confusing!?!
🥰 Thank you for taking our weather!!! 🥰

First day of Summer was yesterday, here. Still pretty cool in the 10-15C (50’s & 60’s), if sunny & breezy, but today was 30-35C (in the 90’s).

Summertime… and the living is …eeeeeeeasy 🎶
Warm and moist? Rare we get much humidity here but thunderstorms abound today. Haven't been hit by one yet but they are all around....