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I was just fired and a complete mess!

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Also, if a salary expectation is required on the form, fill in 0.00. Don't give them a base from which to work. Or, if the company provides a space where you can type out a response, enter "negotiable, based upon total compensation package."

Too late for Spectrum but if they don't get back with me in like a month or something then maybe I can fill out another application? Not sure what I was thinking with 11 an hour other then 10 wouldnt pay for the apartment. Hopefully, if they higher at 10, a dollar won't cause them to not call me but we will see I hope.

Sadly, I woke up sick today. Real sick. Oxygen has dropped greatly. Migraine. So can't do a lot today. I am hoping to send a few applications out today online. Do some listing. But with the migraine, I am not seeming to be able to look at the phone. I have a pair of sunglasses and the brightness down and its still making me feel nausous. Thats frustrating! Especially since I was just getting myself moving on this!

If I am not better by Mon, I'll go to the Dr or just force myself up.

Normally finding my job is my job as well and thats why this has been so frustrating to me. My body crashed hard and I couldn't seem to pick myself up no matter how hard I pushed. I finally found a bit of traction and I end up sick. Like seriously?

But will do the best I can to push myself as much as I can. Thanks for all the help!
call the insurance company.

Done. Covered by Cobra now. Just needed to wait for the mailing for their phone number, web address, and amount. Though, I thought the last time I got Cobra, they wanted payment before coverage but thats not the case. I called to enroll and was covered that moment. Sadly, I assumed thus had to pay out $300 at the pain Dr but oh well. It is what it is.
Applied to TelTech. HealthCare Customer Service. Ascendo Resources, says its Agriculture, Construction, Insurance Customer Service - then I did a "quick apply all" to 43 other jobs. Many I don't want but oh well. It's done. Something Career Builder has. So, now applied to 48 jobs total.

Edited to add: I also got the 401K check. Haven't gone to the bank yet but I have it so way less stressed!
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I have a interview with a company called Intercoastal Group tomorrow at 4pm. It's in Downtown Orlando, which I did not want! I could take the Sunrail, which goes all the way to Downtown Orlando but I am not sure how far from the Station it is and would need to hop on a bus for the remainder of the way.

Anyway, they said they are looking for customer service and training to entry level employees. I have never trained before and not sure I would be good at training due to anxiety and fears but my dad said 18 yrs experience counts for something. Not sure about benefits or pay but she said around $45,000 a year. Which seems WAY more then I am worth but, hey, an interview doesn't hurt. She called me directly so she must have been impressed with something on my resume.

The Intercoastal Group - InterCoastal Home

I have never done real estate, hospitality, or property management before. It would be a different feeling if I had worked in hospitality before but maybe it's a call center and maybe they are looking for people that are good with customer service? Maybe not so much hospotality? I am not sure.

Issue: my printer isn't installed on this PC as it needs ink and I cannot find the CD anyway as most of my CDs are missing. I need hard copies of my resume. So I will need to go to Staples and get some printed off tomorrow before the interview. They say that you have access to dropbox & google drive there so I don't know. I have never printed anything at Staples, only faxed from there, so not sure.

Anyway, just wanted to advise.

ETA: I rescheduled it for Thurs 3pm. Between getting meds, going to the bank, going to Staples to print resumes and going to Wlagreens (not my pharmacy) there is way too much to do in one day. I will be wearing my boots, which has a thick short heel but a heel none the less which make my pain horendous and its best if I have just that one thing to do, not all the running around. I figured if I left it for tomorrow, I would be limping around or at least in an awful lot of pain. I try to spread things out as well as I can due to pain. I will update on Thurs to let you know what happened and thoughts on it.
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$45,000 a year. Which seems WAY more then I am worth
Maybe you're 'worth'way more than you think.

And maybe the place is across the street from the train station. There are enough problems in life that there's really no point in solving then until you know they're actually going to show up as real, live problems. (Maybe we're going to be hit by a giant meteor tomorrow. Then none of this matters.)

Good luck!
Maybe we're going to be hit by a giant meteor tomorrow. Then none of this matters.)


Maybe you're 'worth'way more than you think


And maybe the place is across the street from the train station. There are enough problems in life that there's really no point in solving then until you know they're actually going to show up as real, live problems.

Plan B, C, D. Or really it's 'in case my car dies, how will I get there' Plan A, B, C etc. Its how my mind works, can't help it. Normally, I make plans as I am there so its something I will figured out when I am in that area. The Sunrail runs one direction and then the buses the other. So its now pretty easy to get where you need. Before the Sunrail it was harder. I live right at the Sunrail station. So even if its not at the Sunrail in Downtown Orlando, I can take the bus to remainder of the way. And they give you a discount going from Sunrail to bus and visa versa I believe.

See, how my brain works. It never stops making solutions, plans, calculations if you will. It sucks but it is what it is.

Another company called. NPO inc. When I asked what the company does (because hitting apply all to 43 jobs, you end up just scanning the list super quick) she said they were looking for customer support. Ok, for what? Travel...people that travel. Ok, how do i support people that travel (the vauge answers gave me an idea of what it was) she said "we travel". Travel where? Around the US, around the world? We travel around Orlando. Oh, you mean door to door sales? Yes. No thank you! I can't physically do that. But why list your job as customer support when it really is door to door sales? Makes no sense to me. You don't just get more applicants but accidental with apply all to customer service. Come on!

At least I am getting calls back. I know there is a shit ton of telemarketing, collections, and sales here. A shit ton! It is vacation sales and telemarketing captiol of the world! So I will need to filer through those!
Maybe if you got the job, you could move closer to it?!?!?!

Not downtown Orlando but yeah, thinking of that too. The getto in Orlando is f*cking scary and so not sure about cheaper there. It's cheaper out of town so we'll see. But yes, another angle or plan I am "calculating" for lack of a better term of what my head does.
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