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I was just fired and a complete mess!

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Yay! The Spectum recruiter emailed me back, asked me to take a 45 min assesment, which I did, and will be calling me today for a 15 min phone interview. I am positive that they will ask for a face to face interview and hire me. Most of these call centers are a slam dunk due to my experience. But will update about it. I hope so as hire in wage is as much as I was last getting and I know I can survive on that. The training class starts on June 23rd.
I'm late coming to this thread, lost, but I'm delighted for you that this looks like promising news re Spectrum! Good luck with the interview today and I hope it all goes your way!
And the recruiter didn't call today. On the assesment they gave me 9 mins to answer 20 super hard questions and I ran out of time but the 2nd timed part I passed and quickly as that part many call centers use so I was familar. I hope the 1st portion doesn't mean I can't get hired. It was like this = A, this = B, this = W and this = X and PBR is first, then dollar amount then the A,B,W,X and wow it was hard and there were 20 in 9 mins. That's like impossible. I was hoping they would see how far you got or something and the first few I got wrong as I missed PBR is first and dollar amount 2nd.

I tried my hardest. I'm just so worried now since she hasn't called as she said she would. I sent her another email as she didn't leave a phone number to call her. I'm so worried!
Still waiting for Spectrum recruter to call. It's only 11am though. I don't have her number but if she doesn't call by tomorrow I will see if I can call and drill down to a recruiter. I can't believe my step mom's friend got a job there and not myself. She doesn't have as much call center experience and no way she answered all the 20 hard questions in 9 mins. If thats the reason then they are a shitty company.

Anyway, will need to wait on that. I applied for a help desk tech that allows on job experience and then quick apply to 45 other IT, Help Desk, tech support like jobs. Who knows of any will get back to me as most requires a degree period but we'll see. It's about getting my resume out there. Though I am suprised its this hard to get a call center job! Especially with 18 yrs experience. I have never had an issue getting a job at a call center quickly! What a different world this is!

ETA: A staffing company called me back and wants to send another company (I am not supposed to disclose for whatever reason) which sounds just like the position was removed from, pays a few dollars more an hour BUT is a 3 month contract with a possibilty of extension, meaning never will I get insur. I would prefer a non-contract posotion or contract to possible full hire (non-contract) which is how I was hired at my last job. But its income and I need income so thats why I told her to go ahead and send them my resume. I know I will be good at the job and if anything, I can buy insur or get whatever replaces ObamaCare.

Still waiting on a call from the Spectrum recruiter.
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And now I have two interviews tomorrow. One that is the 3 month contract for possible extention at 3pm and then the other is a Skype interview at 10am with another temp agency. He wouldn't tell me the company but he said its basically what I was doing at my last job. It's $14 an hour and its a contract to possible perm (which is what I need) but he said 9 - 6 hrs though which makes doctors impossible unless they work on the weekends. But will still interview and talk about doctors and how that works if they want me.
DAMN IT!!! The Spectrum recruiter called me but my phone never rang nor does it say I had a call, just a voicemail! Ugh! :banghead::banghead:

At least I now have a direct phone number. I called her back and she wasn't there. I left a voicemail advising I would call again in a bit or she can call me back, and left my number.

Hopefully this all looks like I am determined to be hired. But still! :banghead::banghead::banghead:
So, the Spectrum recruiter never called yesterday so I just called her. It went directly to voicemail so I left her another 3rd message and included that I was really egar to work for Sprectrum. So maybe that helps?

So I went through the Skype interview. It went good. He said that certifications are required but he got me pushed through to the Skype interview based on my expetience. At least that is counting for something. He was concerned that I worked mostly with a customer base and not a business base as they take calls from businesses with internet/PC/email issues and some systems they use I have never used. They remote access and I did do that back in my early 20s but not with my last job and I could not remember the software we used back in the day. He said that wouldn't cut it in the face to face interview with the company (he is an agent with a staffing company).

Anyway, he did say that I seemed willing to learn and not someone that would just quit and he is right so he is sending me an assesment to see where I place, which will determine if I get a job at all and where I would be placed in that job. He said there is only 20 people there so it's a tiny call center.

It is Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm (because they take calls from businesses) and so that doesn't really work. I asked him how it would work if I had a doctor's appointment, making it hypothicical, and he said I would get with HR and they can't discriminate for medical issues, however, I am sure if I told them I have a doctor once a week, every week, and one once a month or month and a half, every month or month and a half, that they would as that's a ton off of work and you can't get FMLA as a contractor. Its a 3 month contract possible extention of that contract.

But will take the assesment and not count it out yet.

Also, I have an interview at 3pm. I will edit and advise about it.
YES!!!!!!! Spectrum recruiter called me back when I was in my car to come home from the interview and she said I would be better suited in tech support and I didn't apply for tech support because they have an Orlando address but they are just down the street from the customer service call center and they pay more. She said she would send my resume over and that recruiter would call...and he did the min I walked in my door. He had to ask some tech questions and I showed off and answered them with super high tech answers. He was impressed.

Anyway, its $14.15 an hour, opened 24/7 (perfect as night and weekend schedules are what I want and not very many do meaning I normally get the schedule i want, leaves open days and 1 or 2 weekdays open for Drs), they pay .75 and 1.50 shift dif for Fri and weekends. The training class starts 6/16 and benefits start 7/1. 100% attendence first 90 days but normally training is no more then 4 weeks, if that, and after you are normally in a nesting period and normally you are on your normal schedule.

I am SOOOOO HAPPY! Loosing my job may have been a blessing in disguise as they weren't moving me up, 25 cent raises a year and one year I didn't get a raise. I waited them out and was so patient.

Now I have to go online to fill out the app for tech support so I am in the system and then take the assesment again and Mon at 2pm I have a face to face interview. Yay!

ETA: Oh and free cable/internet/VoIP so that saves over $200 a month!
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So very happy for you!!!!!!! :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy: Best of luck on the interview! :tup::tup::tup:

P.S. BTW, the Orlando location is right around the corner from the Maitland office on Americana at OBT, I believe, unless they've moved.
P.S. BTW, the Orlando location is right around the corner from the Maitland office on Americana at OBT, I believe, unless they've moved

He said it's on Keller just in Orlando. Sprint is on Keller off Maitland Blvd and it's in Altamonte so Keller must be a longer road then I knew.

He said it's about a 15 min drive from my apartment complex. Just down the road from the Maitland one.

I keep avoiding Orlando but I should find out where in Orlando cause the edge or Orlando is much closer then like Downtown Orlando, the hospital (in Orlando - I think that's Fl Hosp East?), my Dr by Universal. I think of Orlando as a 30 min drive down I-4 and that's not always the case.

So very happy for you!!!!!!! :happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy: Best of luck on the interview! :tup::tup::tup:

Thank you! I am super happy, on cloud 9, too!
I was talking to my therapist today that I felt frustrated in my last job because I wasn't challenged and had the skills and knowledge for tier 4 but they refused to promote me to even tier 3. My mind always needs to be challenged and I do best in a challenging enviroment. He reworded that for me for the interview: "I thrive in a challenging enviroment. I am the person that seeks challenge and loves to resolve the most challenging situations". Or something simluar.

Yay, I am so excited!

ETA: I just talked to the lady at the front desk at my pain Dr and she asked the Dr and he said I would fax them the Metronics card front and back and the print out sheets showing all the medications and the card has my Dr's name on it. Not sure the print outd do. She said if they need to speak to someone to call Metronics. But they are just the manufacturer of my internal medication infusion pump, they normally want to talk to the ones that fill a prescription like the pharmacy as it always has been in the past but my pain Dr fills my pump so they would want to talk to them, I would think. I did ask if I should fill out HIPPA forms and she said no.

I called Metronics (a specifc person that gave me his direct number after I had it put in - they are great about checking up after and answering questions and making sure all is well as well as learning about it, etc). He wasn't there so I left a voicemail about it. Let's see if he says they would handle that if they want to talk to someone or if it would be the Dr.

This is one thing I dislike about a fully internal pain pump, no pharmacy and several are involved in it. It was just so much easier with oral meds. They would ask for the sticker things that come with meds, to be faxed and would 3 way me with the pharmacy to verify. But I am glad that I decided to figure out how this works before I take the drug test and come up positive for morphine.
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