One Thing That Made You Smile Today?


There are no Viking emojiis-.. why? 😖😊)
Right?!? 🤣

⚔️🪓 🌊 ⛵️⛄️

🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇫🇮 🇩🇰 🇮🇪 🇮🇸

Cracks me up how much those flags ALMOST all match. I should prolly disinclude Ireland unless I want to add flags for every other formerly Viking ruled territory, but I have a hard time thinking of Dublin as anything but a Viking slave port. (Sorry Dublin! I know. You’ve come a long way.)
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Well @Friday I'm 1/2 Irish, Galway Bay though, I think from the tempers it should be included. 🤣😈
(Though it was voted Top 8th Sexiest City in the World. I can't help but ask if the voting was by Mr Potato Head. (Just kidding of course. ☺️🤣 ) )



My next puppy.

I’ve been ‘ready’ for a new dog for a couple years, now… but also not ready / my life up in the air. So waiting, is. The most troubling bit, knowing I’m heading for the tropics for a few, and there’s no way to bring a hybrid or husky -my dogs of choice, until now- there, with my morality intact. But? Hullo heat adaptable. <grin> Reeeally looking forward to having a new partner.

Even better? The breeder I’m going through matches personalities & needs/wants, and has on-site training/adv training. So it’s looking at a true new partner.

Also at least a year or two on the wait-list. So I’ll have time to compartmentalise my grief at losing them, in advance. Which, knowing me, I need.

<grin> I am just seriously over the moon, right now.


My little dogs ability to tell time. I feed him dinner at 6, sometimes a bit before or after but relatively close to 6. Lately if I’m watching tv and it’s 6 he jumps up on my lap and paws at me. Today it was exactly 6. How does he know?
Don't know but makes me smile because we used to have a cat like that, Otis. 5 minutes before my wife got home, without fail I could hear him running fot the front window. If she missed the bus I had to tell him and dead on half an hour later....... Smart little guy. I miss him.