One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Hearing from a good friend that changed her life around too.She is a pre op mtf transsexual too,came out the same time I came out as well and transitioned as well.Going to see her for a week 3 weeks from now for a week
Teaching adults about the word “skibidi”. If you know that word I can see you rolling your eyes at me from halfway across the globe. If you don’t and are intrigued? Fair warning ⚠ you will probably regret the waste of time to learn about it. Saying it out loud to youth? Hilarious. And the confusion on adults’ faces makes me giggle. *devious*
damn. I learned about skibidi just now, via the Washington Post. If Ben Bradlee's paper is covering it, some clear eyed journalist who works for the company that carries forth the legacy of Woodward and Bernstein believes it has some weight, it has some weight. It is to laugh at, purely, so who cares? The Washington Post does, now thats funny.