Sufferer Recently discovered childhood abuse in my lifetime it's been rough.


New Here
Many of us feel that way about the forum. You'll meet people here that can possibly be great online friends. And for me, it's the family I don't have in real life.

Just take your time, and know that when you do post, you are heard. Even that felt strange to me in the beginning. Set your own pace.

The people here understand and hope you find healing
Sigh...still trying to figure this internet thing out. It does feel strange being heard.


Hi @adamjam,
I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering but glad you found us. It does help to share with others who understand. Hopefully you’ll find some relief.
Like you, I‘ve been dealing with PTSD symptoms for a long time (since childhood), but only woke up to reality and started on my hopefully-healing journey fairly late in life (late 40s). I also don’t really have family in my life, or friends IRL (barring my partner, that is). PTSD can lead to much isolation, much missing out. At least that’s how it’s been for me.