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Hey folks - just thought I’d share this, because it been a bit of a breakthrough for me.

I’ve been using an app called Joplin to give my different parts their own journals. Joplin lets you create as many journals (‘Notebooks’) as you want, and you can bookmark parts of each journal. This has reallocated helped me get my communication back on track, because I can flip easily from one notebook to the next, and take ideas that one part has created and reflect on them in another part’s own space.

The next level for me is Antar - it’s not new, but I’ve only just stumbled across this one. It lets you create a conversation on a particular topic, and create as many different participants to the conversation as you like. The conversation appears on screen like a string of texts between multiple different people, identified by name and colour.

We’ve started using Antar to have groups convos about different topics, and they’re jotted down so I can scroll back and look at what each part contributed to the discussion.

Ridiculously helpful!!

Neither app was actually created for DID (or folks with parts). There are tonnes of journalling apps available, which probably do the same things. But I’ve found both of these particularly easy to use, and aligned with how my part’s communicate. Both are free:)
One I have heard about but have never used is called SimplyPlural, and it functions similarly to how you describe Antar, by creating private local text/conversation threads and journals. You can also use it in a web browser, if you don't have a phone or don't enjoy apps, or want something on your desktop. This is the type of features it offers (I made an account just to see what it was like inside):



Presumably this is all an attempt to organize and understand your internal structural dissociation. I don't find apps like this helpful, personally, because I don't have enough internal awareness (and I have only DDNOS, not DID) to be able to track things in a coherent manner like that. I simply is as I is, from one moment to the next. Not so "simply" plural, heh.

But I have heard a lot of great things about this app and it is specifically designed for individuals with DID. I hope it was OK to mention this one, I took the thread title to be kind of a, "share your apps" vibe. Apologies if that was not the intention. Either way I am very pleased you have found these apps helpful! Having that must certainly be a powerful tool of internal organization.
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