Today my “coworker” (my pet)...

Had a new 16inch wheel installed and now he struggling to stay awake.

In another office, 3 new juvenile coworkers decided it was fun to launch an attack on another coworker, in the next office and keep her awake all night, and now they've had to be moved next to the managers office for supervision until they can learn to work nicely with other coworkers.
day 3 of the standoff, co-workers vs new water dish/bathtub:

Co-workers continue to eye the new addition to their office with suspicion. The boss lady has splashed the water, and has not actually lost any fingers to an invisible shark or other aquatic ninja that may be lurking in the depths of the vessel. A ball continues to float in the previously splashed water, and has not dissolved, imploded, exploded, or turned into a fish. Co-workers will continue to monitor the new addition for suspicious activity, and will poop on it as required. Bath time will continue to be administered by the boss lady, via misting bottle, for the foreseeable future.
The work place shenanigans have been escalating lately. Seemingly out of the blue today, my smallest co-worker awkwardly sat on my largest co-worker's back while he was lounging on a bar stool and then the bar stool tipped over toppling them both to the ground. A fight then broke out between them which quickly stopped when the supervisor came by. Of course, both denied any wrongdoing and tried to sweet talk the supervisor.
Decided to stay in bed and not do any work.