Today my “coworker” (my pet)...

I was lying in bed, recovering from a virus when I smelled sage. I like the smell of sage and use it to cleanse areas, but not containers of dried sage. I looked around and my coworker had spread sage all over the clean blanket on the bed. I guess she is worried about negative energies.
After 'persuading' my coworker she needed to take her meds, she promptly decided to roll in her sand bath while she still had bits of medication stuck to her fur!

Her fellow coworker was too polite to tell her.
Have discovered the joys of heatpads! So this co-worker was reheating them at 5am so they would all go back to bed where it was now nice and cosy warm.

Later today, this co-worker is tasked with installing the electric heatpads so she doesn't have to disturb the neighbours by using the microwave at 5am.
Clawed at me in an attempt to get some attention. When I gave him the look, instead of moving his claw, he just gave me the look back. 😊. Cute little scamp with his 1 inch paw is pretty sure he’s in charge. Who appointed him CEO?