Today my “coworker” (my pet)...

I thought for a moment that my coworker had died! She has cancers, so it was possible. Instead, algae eater had eaten a fish shaped chunk off of one of my aquarium rocks. He's jealous of my paying her more attention, I bet. Trouble is, he's so bashful it is hard to pay him any attention. Oh, the joys of being a co-worker.
Today my coworkers got their flea, tick, and mite meds. which they normally find distasteful in the moment. Then each one vigorously took turns licking the other's it was their duty to clean it off..... and I'd swear they almost seemed to smile in my direction. Wise-ass coworkers!

A great thread by the way!
My co-workers continue practicing social distancing, but to be fair, they’re naturals, so it’s not really difficult for them

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