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Thanks @Tornadic Thoughts - I like the idea of a BBQ sauce type flavour rather than mind-blowingly super chilis!

@berlinda - chia pudding is a bit hard to describe. I think because it doesn’t really feel (in texture terms) like it looks so it confuses my mind and my taste buds! I expected it to be a bit lumpy and perhaps even a bit slimey but it’s not. Nice and creamy. The most delicious one I ever had was, alas, not one I made myself! From a cafe - was made with almond milk and coconut yoghurt. Amazing! And I pinched their idea of pomegranate seeds and coconut flakes as topping. I tried to recreate the whole cafe version at home as it’s so creamy and delish. Went out and bought coconut yoghurt especially. When I came to make it, I opened the coconut yoghurt, inhaled it deeply thinking it would smell heavenly. It didn’t. It smelled awful. And I yacked. And dropped it all on the floor! ?


Anyone able to recommend a good vegan milk to make a roux-based sauce? I want to make a white sauce that I can use as a base for other flavours. I’ve tried soya milk but it turns to the consistency of water when it reaches boiling point.

Tornadic Thoughts

I'm not that familiar with roux-based sauces, @jaccat . I was wondering if you could make a cashew based blend with soaked raw cashews and water to use? That's what I use when I make an Alfredo style sauce or other cheese-like sauces. They turn out nice and creamy. I think @Friday mentioned something about the creamy cashew based stuff, too, either in this thread or the food/recipe thread.


@jaccat ...The milks all have so many ingredients in them to keep them stable at exactly that consistency & cold temperature... that I gave up trying to use them for sauces & soups... and use soaked raw nuts + high speed blender, instead. (Or skip it, entirely, and just use roux+stock, depending on what I’m making).

90% of the time I use soaked raw cashew... but any nut works. Even pistachios. (There’s an Israeli pistachio soup that’s kinda bliss, ottolenghi recipe... but peeling them is eyecrossing). All just depends on the base flavour wanted. Cashews are the most neutral/versatile/similar to heavy cream I’ve found by far... but the region the dish comes from can point you towards what nuts to use. Like almonds love middle eastern food, particularly anything with rose or orange water, walnuts and pine nuts love Italian food.... and soooo not a nut... :facepalm: but avocados love Mexican/Latin dishes. I know you’re proooobably not making a latin roux? Unless it’s a basque receipt. But it’s an awesome sub with zero power tools required (or mortars/pestals/sieves). Just stir it with a fork, scoop it in, and it creamies up anything liquid. Ripe avocado+coconut yogurt+lemon juice has become my family’s give me the GREEN one! sub for all things sour cream, meanwhile. It IS kind of amazing? But c’mon, guys! I can’t eat the white one! Stop bogarting the avo sauce!

Makini Howell (Plum Bistro) often uses a 70/30 almond milk+rice milk (used to be soy+rice, but her restaurant is increasingly soy free combo in her things) plus various thickening agents, xantham gum usually...and I know a lot of people who use silken tofu that’s beaten to a smoothie/yogurt like consistency... but it gets crumbly in heat, rather than luscious. But my favorite is the cashew cream. Super easy with a NutriBullet. I have it elsewhere but it’s fast and easy to rewrite.

Sauce pan
Raw cashews
Water to cover
Bring to a boil
Turn burner off and let cool. >>> If you want it in an hour, rather than soaked overnight*
Pour oily liquid into a seperate cup
Pour cashews into blender
Add as much of the cashew water as you like for paste to cream as you’re blending it.

* If you’re letting your nuts soak overnight? They’ll oxidise weirdly black grey... that disappears entirely for a warmly white creamy color the moment the blender gets to them. Freaked me out the first time. Decided to find out what happens... and voila. Just oxidation. Okay. No flavor change, and the color reverts. Awesome.
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shatter eyes

I admire veganism. Ommmmmm.
One day I will join the club.

I been wanting to ask my doc why i get a left boob when I eat more vegan style. It feels really weird. Must be a hormonal trigger of something. Hopefully can see doc once all this cv19 stuff calms down.


Must be a hormonal trigger of something
Most likely from unfermented soy. :wtf: (Which is my bias right there). In Asia we only ate fermented soy products, as a rule, but westerners eat a LOT of unfermented soy. It’s in the “natural flavors” in most processed foods in the US, is only ingredient in most “vegetable” oils, soy milks, soy butters, soy mayo, soy “cheese”, and of course things like whole edamame beans. IE soy beans. Unfermented soy acts like estrogen in the body. Causing all kinds of problems for most people.