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Relationship Was it her diagnosed complex PTSD that made her act like this?


I can't seem to get that to work. I have blocked a past client on Facebook and done the same, but their chat head is still in the list.

Hmm. I'll tinker around some more.

At the moment, I am partially thinking I don't want to block just in case she needs help (or she pays me my money back), but I know that is a long shot, and I am delaying the inevitable.
Yes - it’s also seriously difficult- emotional ripping off of plasters.

Have you looked at network building in other directions yet? It’s tough when online is the only venue AND you feel emotionally bereft.
I’m sorry all this has happened to you .
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As she well might. It's easy and fun for people like her to get doormats like you to do whatever she wants.

You know very well this will never happen, because, well, doormat.
The money thing was because she has borrowed money in the past and always paid back in 3-days. I figured that would happen again.

I have blocked and deleted her now, though. I am not happy with her using her PTSD to control my behaviour for an entire year (she kept on saying I was triggering her by talking to other women), and then doing exactly what she promised she would never do. It is as if she had absolutely no respect for how I felt. I was just somebody that could be cast to one side, no matter what I did.
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