What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


shrimp chimichanga
Had to look em up :)

Very happy with lunch. Plus I think it can form a basis of my go to easy n healthy lunch.

Hot smoked salmon, houmous, feta, kalamata olives, pickled runner beans, tomato, cucumber, fresh coriander.

Am sure I can vary it up to keep me from getting bored.

Need to figure out some things to have with tofu for breakfast.

What goes with tofu and is low carb?


What goes with tofu and is low carb?
Not sure the glycemic index on green/yellow/red bell peppers, but I cut them into flats/scoops (cut the sides off, then cut the bottom off, then either make pepper match sticks or leave them as flats/scoops) and put scramble on top when I want somehing crunchy, or fill and bake off when I want to take a shower and do stuff. I haven’t stuffed poblanos with scramble & pico de gallo... but now I really want to! Thinking peppers, I bet a drizzle of Indian curry would be good. But I think tomato curry is good on virtually anything/everything.

Portabello mushrooms are another good thing to pile scramble on top of, esp with grilled tomato, and pepper slices, & maybe some spinach or broccolini

Asian... add sesame/ginger/shoyu to the scramble, & stirfry some cabbage & top w/ daikon radish sprouts, or sriracha & fresh coriander.


Thanks @Friday I reckon I really fancy stuffed peppers. And I never thought, could have piperade innit. Until I googled tofu for breakfast, I was thinking Asian flavours go with tofu and I felt a bit clueless. Would like to try some Asian dishes tho, shall Have a go.

Good eating @Rani G2 ? 🤭