What did you do for fun today?

Warrior Chicken

Away for work - where I live during my 'stint' comes with a seagull. His name is Karl. I've never been a fan of gulls, but this dude? yeah, he's proven to be alright over the past 2 months I've known him during the pandemic.

Today is my last day on shift and he left me a gift cuz I gave him some salmon yesterday. Cats do this, and some members of the crow/raven family gift items....but gulls?? huh!

For fun, he got more snacks. I am not a proponent of feeding the wild animals but this dude? He's been pretty stellar this week in supporting me and checking on me thru some tough stuff. And because I don't think gulls are fantastic? Proves that he's a special critter. So, fun for me is getting to give back to Karl the gull.

Hope to see him again. But if not, we had a good day.

Tornadic Thoughts

Listened to more tutorials on the herb mentoring program my sis-in-law signed me up for on my born day. Today's topic was rosemary. It inspired me to try to propagate a few to share as gifts, eventually.


havent done it yet, but getting a start on nothing. Had a non stop fix it weekend last week and a work week that was over the top. Going to do nothing. outside. in the shade. I may have another one, sure...nah, save the olives. was that your phone or mine? well turn it off. while your up.........


Not good at finding fun things to do, I suck at it as a matter of fact. I really need to find a way to have a little fun and not be so serious all the time. The only thing I really do for fun is to enjoy some MJ with my besties.