What did you do for fun today?


Slept in!

Hung out at home all weekend.

It's too hot to go outside right now so J and I are puttering around the house in the A/C. He put our new ceiling fan up in the bedroom. I organized the bathroom cabinets. He napped earlier while i went to the farmer down the street for a bunch of yummy goodness. Having a few beers. Waiting for the sun to set a bit so we can grill our dinner.

The housework got away from me in the last few weeks so yesterday I cleaned from top to bottom, caught us up on laundry and J did the yard work.

Ahhhh. Clean organized and back on track. My stress cup has been emptied enough to feel....content. And prepared for the week ahead.

I guess "fun" is stretching it a bit. ?

Tornadic Thoughts

Played a game with the hubby called Mouthguard Challenge. You wear a mouthpiece thingy and try to talk so the other person can understand you. We did better than we thought we would.

However, we both drooled while our mouths were gaped open. lol A bit distracting. Wouldn't want to play it in a group with the current state of things, for sure.

Also, it reminded me of being in the dentist office and got pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. But the belly laughs while it lasted were a treat.

Tornadic Thoughts

Spent some time with the Tibetan singling bowl resting upside down on my head as I enjoyed the vibrations/sounds each time I struck it with the mallet. That inspired a djembe drum session afterward.

Both of which were a great release of energies that needed to go. Striking and smacking things in a way that produce a grounding and joy-filled type of stress relief rather than inviting more misery. Yes, please.

Grateful for the tools and the life lessons that steered me in the direction of experiencing and acquiring them.

Tornadic Thoughts

Lots of You Tube videos to teach you how to use just about anything as a percussive instrument, @Changing4Best . Glad you had fun with your pot and mallet! It's a fun energy release that exercises the brain in several beneficial ways. This is a pretty cool vid sharing some ideas:

This link has some research regarding the brain effects:


For fun today, I sat out in the sun this morning with the water hose, making rainbows and cooling off while soaking up some vitamin d. Then I was treated to a visit by mama deer and her fawn as I sat really still and quietly so I didn't spook them. What a treat to have them that close.