What did you do for fun today?

Tornadic Thoughts

Uprooted dead wood from an unidentified bush-like thingy along a fence row and broke it into smaller pieces to use as kindling. Been wanting to do it for weeks and finally dove in. It was a very forgiving process, being as how the roots basically pulled right out with hardly any effort.

However, breaking them up was challenging at times. Stress relief while surrounded by nature, and preparing to stay warm in case of a power outage in the colder months - my kind of fun - may my body agree in the morning.


I have to admit, I come to this thread to get ideas for fun things to do since I haven't a clue as to what I would enjoy doing. Spent too much time just trying to survive and now I am trying to live a bit. I guess listening to music and watching a good movie is on the top of my list but that's about as far as I have gotten.

Tornadic Thoughts

Showed up at my weekly volunteer gig to help socialize puppies and dogs. 🥰 Those few hours go by quicker than all the other hours in the week, for sure.

I was honored by the company (and shenanigans of) a Belgian malinois, a miniature Airedale, a miniature pinscher, several lab puppies, a couple shih tzus, a pyranees pup, a full grown lab, a poodle, a Lhasa apso, a labradoodle, a Shetland sheepdog, a great dane puppy, and that's all I can remember in the moment.

Those were the dogs in our particular yard. We're sandwiched in between 2 other yards with about a dozen more, give or take a few.

There was a 200 lb. rottweiler inside being trained while we were outdoors. Man, what a huge pup!

It's like receiving free therapy each week that I didn't even realize I needed, and I get to connect with several humans of all ages who have hearts as big as the world. So grateful. So. Much. Fun!!!!! 🥳 🤡


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Tornadic Thoughts

Painted with the flower of life stencil thingy again on a real dishtowel this time, rather than the scrap fabric piece I was using.

Still have some minor adjustments to make, but each practice session has brought about joy, minus a few spots of coloring outside the lines, but, that's par for the course of my life. 😁

Also practiced with a few small screen print stencils on the scrap fabric - a rose, a flutter-by, and "love". I like 'em. Will share pics when I remember to take them.

Tornadic Thoughts

Planted more herbs and veggies and played in the dirt! 😍 Never ever thought I'd be one who thought getting dirty was fun, as I used to have to have every hair in place and make-up on just to leave the house in my late teens and early 20s, and sporadically into my 30s. LOL

Now I'm grateful for hats/ponytails/bandanas and save a helluva lot of money on not feeling the need to buy all those products to cover up or try to change/undo what nature crafted.

If only I could remove the toxic crap my body has already absorbed - as well as repair the parts of the ozone I took out trying to keep each hair in place with good ol' rave #4. Yikes.