What did you do for fun today?


Made chicken soup & apple turnovers.

Cooking isn’t usually something fun for me, unless there’s a noisy crowd in the kitchen cooking with me, THAT’s funfunfun <sneaky> ...but we’ve had a family emergency that I can’t do anything about... and having fed the firefighters, Paramedics, & Cops (okay, technically I bought/delivered doughnuts & beer); it’s turning now to feeding the people coming home from the wars. I don’t like being Auntje-sits-by-the-fire in the ordinary course of events. But I’ve had enough emergencies of my own to know hot food, hot showers, and sleep are needed. Voila. I can arrange that. And that’s fun.
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Yesterday was Sweetest day here in Michigan. J and I went to the cider mill, picked Apple's, ate donuts and drank cider with Jim Beam. Picked a pumpkin for Halloween and walked the corn maze. Then we went to a friend's place in the country for a bonfire. I drank too much apple pie moonshine but it was so darn delicious. We had a great day with lots of laughs.

Today I'll make apple fritters and a pie later in the week.