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What did you do for fun today?

I thought I'd bump this baby up...
I keep thinking about this...

...I think, when I can finally find my own particular brand of hedonism, again? Life will be alright. I miss the joy, the revelry. In everyday little things, in star spangled amazing things.

I had a RULE. All caps. For so very long... Do Something Fun. Every. Day.

Been f*cking years, now.

If anything bridges the gap between symptomatic as hell, and kicking-ass-taking-names, virtually asymptomatic? It’s exactly this; What did you do that’s fun, today?
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@enough, did everyone enjoy the rubber chicken and torch? Have you added anything else to your "set"? 😄

There wasn't much fun to be had here today but I made the most of it. Would I call it fun? No. But it was still enjoyable.

I took my morning walk.
Cleaned out my flower beds.
Cooked a good meal.
J and I popped popcorn and watched a movie.

@Friday, J and I have been talking about some time in the not so distant future, if all the stars align just right & the world hasn't imploded. We might, maybe, could eeeeeventually possibly buy a place on one of the canals near us. I'm not gonna lie. I have been having a ball looking at all of the possibilities out there. So much fun.
@LuckiLee I searched for a prop gun with a flag that comes out that says "bang" but no luck- yes, the rubber chicken has been noticed and the torch is also a subject of conversation. One member of our group has hung all of her paintings upside down, one per day, and another got a big chrome microphone like a sports reporter, bad plaid sport coat and all. We miss making each other laugh, it has always been a way to stay awake, even more important now.
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