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What Drugs Are You Taking For Depression ?

I think many prescription drugs can be psychotropic drugs......whether taken as prescribed or in a different manner. All seizure drugs have the potential to be psychotropic drugs.....because they are capable of affecting behavior, they alter brain chemistry intentionally, and impact mood-but effects are all individualized. Those of us who have been on seizure meds for most of our lifetime, more likely than not have experienced the psychotropic effects of antiseizure meds. Adding illicit/illegal drugs that intentionally get you high or to an altered state, when your brain already has lesions and seizures, is just plain dumb. Head meds can have cumulative effects in changing how the brain works.....I don't take meds that I don't have to, either.
How long have you take it @DianeTrippin , if you don't mind me asking? Ive been on it for some time and have had decent success through my dosage is quite high. Sorry it's not working for you, it's not an antidepressant though it can really help with anxiety and anger, explosiveness. Do you also take something for depression?
I'm now on Clozaril, like I mentioned before.

But before that, I was on (and then off) lots of psychiatric medications for depression and other mental health issues over the years such as: Zoloft, Risperdal, Prozac, Depakote, Remeron, Zyprexa, Lithium, Lemictal, and many, many more.
Anticonvulsants only ever made my depression and anxiety worse.
Anticonvulsants only ever made my depression and anxiety worse.
The older drugs like pheonbarbital, dilantin, mysoline, keppra (for sure), made me depressed, irritable, and oppositioinal. Depakote (kept me zoned out and fostered dissociation) and I gained mega weight then felt like shit....but didn't care.....really felt out of touch with my feelings, but the Briviact........has done it's job without all the behavioral issues.
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