What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?


Thank you @Survivor3 & @Rani G2 , no i don't have a dr and I don't have any signs of a UTI, never had one for certain that I'm aware. All coincided with other weird stuff exactly the same time, so hoping it will go away shortly. Discouraging, but mostly a pain in the rear. Wouldn't be a stretch after decades of elevated stress hormones.

What is on my mind is how many times not knowing what I will come home to, or where it will go from there.

And the futility of trying to counter with positive attempts for coping, while the other side of the ledger grows. However, maybe that's just Protective Pessimism, Idk. Not something I generally show on the outside, but due to facts I believe on the inside.


Anchovies vs Sardines (and why I have an inherent mistrust of sardines, but use anchovies all the time ...but never on pizza).

Anchovies on pizza vs Caviar on pizza


Eeeeuuuwww caviar on pizza? maybe if your pregnant! 😂
LMFAO... It’s actually really really good! Sturgeon, anyway. You spoon it on bites as you take them so it doesn’t cook. It sort of reminds me of tobiko with quail egg sushi meets hot salty French fries dipped in chocolate milkshake. The same sort of “has everything” feeling in your mouth that zings down your spine.