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workplace vent


I live in the US and sat down this weekend to file my taxes for 2023. šŸ¤¬šŸ˜­

TLDR: Someone at work screwed up and now I owe a fortune in taxes for last year.

I owe over $8K in federal taxes and I am devastated. I have money in savings but not equal to what I now owe and it will wipe out my savings. I am going to have to completely rework my budget to cover the credit card payments I will now have to cover the remainder and get the information corrected which means I will have more taken out of my paychecks which again requires reworking my budget, my rent is going up $200 a month in March and I will be lucky if I get any raise with my evaluation in March which means no additional income to offset any of these hits to my income.

Additional things that really suck:
Because of the position that I hold at work, I am prohibited from getting a second job/source of income without permission from the organization's board of directors - not a group that is likely to approve this request.
I just reworked my budget this month so I thought I was going to be able to start seeing a therapist again as well as afford a medication my doctor put me on for a chronic condition that isn't covered by insurance and therefore cost $275/month with the savings card.
My vehicle needs work - I was getting ready to make an appointment with the mechanic so he could order the parts - I had been waiting to get through a major surgery in November and making sure that those expenses were covered as my deductible year just started in October.

Now of course how did I end up in this really crappy situation and is it my fault?
Because the payroll clerk at my work didn't enter my information correctly my withholding was done at the lower married rate than the single rate. I didn't discover this last year because I had only worked there for 4 months and the previous 8 months I had been self-employed so I had anticipated owing a big chunk because I wasn't good at estimating my 2022 estimated tax payments. I know that this is totally a first-world problem and I am very fortunate to be able to work with this condition and more so make a good income but I am so furious. I would never have known why this happened if my workplace was not going through the implementation of new software including HR software and as I was looking at my information in the new portal that allows employees to log in and get their paystub as well as see and request changes to their information. I am also frustrated because the payroll clerk reports to me and I am worried that if she screwed my information up are there any other employees in the organization that she didn't enter their information correctly?

Sorry, this is so long I don't have anywhere/anyone else that I can vent to because I don't want to risk jeopardizing her job or getting people mad at her. She is near retirement so do I tell her what she did, fix the problem in the software myself as I have that ability, and not make a big deal about it?
In my experience, if she is near retirement, a lot of things get overlooked because she will be gone soon anyway. The only thing that keeps me from fully supporting that, though, is the possibility that she could have entered other people's information incorrectly as well.

If she did, I feel as though you would have no choice but to make a big deal about it.