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Can you feel empathy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lindsey J, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Deanna's Gap

    Deanna's Gap Active Member Premium Member Donated

    I was worse at empathy or sympathy before I was diagnosed amd taking medication. I was immune to anything really. If it was real bad ( like death) I would cry later otherwise I really didn't care and thought most deserved what they got. My meds have made me feel human agian. I'm serious. I didn't give a rats-ass! I don't deal with people, now, really. I'm in an isolated job and have known people for years, even decades. It takes me awhile to trust anyone. ( but do with consistancy and time) My therapy ( and meds) are turning my life around.
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  3. Fadeaway

    Fadeaway I'm a VIP Donated

    Feeling empathy, doesn't always mean you feel confident in expressing it. It is common to not know what to say, especially if you don't want to give a generic response more associated with sympathy.
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  4. Fionas74

    Fionas74 Active Member

    I have a lot of empathy and always have. The more traumatic experiences I suffered throughout my life, the more empathetic and sympathetic I am because I understood all different kinds of painful experiences that others go through. Even if I haven’t suffered in the same kind of way like drug addiction, something I was experiencing would connect in my mind that would say “This is probably what this person feels like.” It doesn’t matter how symptomatic in my own life is or what unbearable pain I am going through, my empathy never shuts off for other people.
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