Chat, check-in, and hang out


If I see one more schtoooooooopid ad for “natures morphine” I might just throw something.

It’s just like…. SERIOUSLY?!? Because poppies aren’t natural, or anything.

It’s on par with the GASP… I don’t eat SUGAR! I use natural sweeteners.

Brick wall. Bang head.

Sugar Cane. IS natural. Dehydrated cane juice? >.< S. U. G. A. R.

Fructose? Is fruit sugar.
Lactose & Galactose? Milk sugars.
Anything that ends in an -ose? Sugar.

I don’t know what vexes me more: The sheer degree of misinformation advertising hurls around to sell shit, or the educational systems that perpetuate not knowing basic shit, like the “recipe” for ice, how sugar is made, opiates come from poppies (hence the name), unless they’re synthetic opiates, etc.

And breathe.


^^^ Also known as there is a family breakfast I’m avoiding ^^^

Noooooooo… I don’t wanna go be social.

Call the wah-mbulance. Wait, wait! I know! I’ll go get pissed off at stupid, to not get pissed off at people I love. And that I love even more when we’re not all sitting around a table.
Haha! I know how you feel. Despite my gripes and traumas I love my family.....better from a distance! Getting me to sit around a table with them....? Not keen, even at the best of times. Bless them!


false alarm on the puppies. if no pups come by April 2 she has to go to the vet,
today is the start of my 3 day EEG feeling like crawling in my skin and wish I could pass out for 3 days and it be over. lol but also Im okay right now.