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Hi all

So many peeps still here from way back. Hope you are all doing ok.

Not dooing too bad here, hubby is doing well for the most part. Though have to admit i myself had a slight hiccup around Christmas. I did call the Dr as soon as realised what was going on, instead of letting it push me over the edge, Yea carer burn out sucks so not a thing to ignore. Doing good now and going away for 8 days next week.

Still point others in the direction. 3 this morning alone. So helping you keep the numbers up. 😁 No seriously though I always point them this way, as i dont know anywhere else that gets it so right for all. 🦋🐉


I actually just saw a recipe for these. Never tried them before. Maybe I will make it.
They’re super good! 🥰 Crazy bizarrely good.

I can make them in Canada, or if I remember to snag a jar of chili sauce when I’m next up in Canada and fetch it back, but in the US Heinz has dairy added to it. 😵 Boo.