How do you manage helplessness and hopelessness of complex trauma


I'm really struggling at the moment. Feel helpless and Hopeless. I think part of the problem is I've got no purpose in life. Also my medication is making me feel like this. Everyday is like groundhog day. I don't know how to manage it.
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I’m in the f*ck it & f*ck off frame of mind at the moment.

Which can be useful / it allows me to get shit done.

The HEALTHIER version of this is known as ‘containment’? I’m not in a particularly healthy place ATM, so sitting on the lid of a trunk full of monsters is better than the alternative. (If I actually GET shit done, if not I’ll be cursing at myself for being stupid. Because it’s waaaaaay worse when the box gets kicked wide open after being shut for a time). There’s middle ground between shoving everything in a box and sitting on it, and being completely overwhelmed and brought to my knees &/or face first on the floor in non-functional-land. But middle ground has to be worked for. And I don’t have that (I was going to say ‘in me’ but the more accurate term would be ‘available to me’).

Needs must, and working with what I’ve got.

ms spock

Relating to what you are saying @Survivor3. I am slipping and sliding with it all.

Sometimes not much helps, other times some things help a little. Sometimes other things help a lot.

Where are you at with it at the moment?

What is the ground hog element of it. (I have been ground hogging as well!)

There's the pandemic on and it's really getting at people as well.

Do you do self compassion of any type?

I have let exercise slide again. How are you going (or not) with that?

I have been listening to talks. Is there any that you relate to?

Do you want some suggestions?