How do you manage helplessness and hopelessness of complex trauma


I vacillate at times but I am working really hard on resolving some major things that have really haunted me for a very long time. I make headway and sometimes I have a little setback. It is exhausting lol.


I hear you - I get that still sometimes, less than I used to but I can still be really hit if I don't l...
I use behavior modification on myself, and often it makes the all of me suck up a not so good time for a reward. That degree I got in teaching kids with emotional disorders and the behavioral management has come in handy on myself....behavior management is just clever works on self...if I use the right motivators and rewards. ;) Kinda odd to put it in print.

ms spock

I am bit by bit building skills, motivating myself, and getting myself out of my helplessness and hopelessness. It takes a lot longer than you think. It is not easy.

My psychiatrist is always saying to me "You have to do more!" "Nothing comes of nothing!"


Yea, unloading the drama can help increase the predictability in your life. That is a smart thing. I've had to do the same
lately and it has been hard. Putting distance between others and myself.....the ones who cause the issues has been
hard....cause it has left me alone. Being alone, on the other hand is so much more's predictable...
it's quiet....I can make my own's calm....less stress....but on the flip side...sometimes lonely. Having less
drama allows me to focus more on me and just be responsible for me....that sucks all my energy right now anyway.
Be well.


Away from whom I saw as family for many years...NOW HARD REBUILDING.....awfully lonely....totally get it. Building a new life-little by little...a friends much more positive and healthy. Can always be counted on.....who show follow-through and the physical contact I so desire-a simple hug hello or goodbye. Much healthier than my negatively or unemotional X....but I miss my kids and grandson.............ahhhhh. Today I took a step, and wrote a detailed plan of how to make my new home feel like MY make my new life feel like MY own...ME got so lost in the old life........My plan included all the daily organization I needed to do so I could keep up things looking picked up, have time for fun things I need to do, must dos to get out of the house (including mowing), learning and doing new things to try, places to visit on reasonably affordable vacation, ways to make extra money.....the whole works... and how I would do that.......that was helpful! It was kinda like a visual plan for Hope for Change for My New Life on paper. Then I mailed a copy to my friend.....who listened to me make it....while she helped with my taxes. If you have one person you can trust, do.