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I forgive myself for .........

Hi beautiful community - This thread has begun with pure and good vibes and intentions-I thought, if the admins on the forum approve , this might help with some of the healing each of us needs to do - both sufferers and supporters. I have been quiet for a little while. Doing a life-audit and processing a lot of pain.
It's upto you to fill in the blanks . You can repeat the process as many times as you like a day , weekly, monthly .
In an unforgiving world, seizing the moment, living in the present and really reaching within to say we forgive ourselves , is a step forward in the journey each of us are in. PS -Anthony and Mods - please feel free to move the thread as required.

I will start -

I forgive myself for not being by my mother's side, to hold her hand as she breathed her last( I never expected her to go).
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i forgive myself for trying to earn my fathers approval for 40 years before i remembered what i knew 40 years before, he had to stop trying to correct his own failings before he ever saw anyone elses life as being anything more than something to correct. At least he reminded me before he died
I forgive myself for not forgiving my Malignant Narcissist mother, Narc sister and Narc sexually abusive brother and my weak father. I dont forgive any of them. I forgive myself for that.

I was the only one who believed what they were and I cut all of them off eventually. It was good and right.