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I just need help understanding… GF of 6 years discovered she was raped by father through hypnotherapy


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My gf of 6 years who had been assaulted as a teen found out in November she was raped by her father through hypnotherapy. I'm not sure if she has PTSD or not though. A diagnosis was never shared with me. She said she was fine at the time but over the past two months she's been getting triggered by being touched inappropriately by her boss, and hearing people at work/outside talk about her sexually. She has also been having vivid dreams about her father raping her and has started feeling like prey every time she goes outside. Last week I asked her how she was feeling about our relationship since I was starting to see her being disconnected, as if she was there but not there.
She stated her therapist suggested she may need time to herself to process her fears and fear/hate of men. I suggested that I move out of our apartment to give her time and space. She said she didn't want to break up but didn't want to leave me hanging on the vine either. I told her I'd wait for her and she suggested to give her a month and see where she was at and that we could still talk, just not see each other. I waited for her to call or text first for the most part. I had to call her once for an emergency issue and texted her to say that I loved her and missed her which she asked me later not to do as it made her feel a certain way (my bad, this is new for me.)
After that there have been no texts from her except to say thank you for the flowers I sent her.

I've been reading a lot about trauma and trauma related issues but I'm still having trouble understanding what's going on. She didn't volunteer anything about how she was feeling when we spoke on the phone the first three days. I'm feeling confused, abandoned, wondering if she's questioning the relationship,.feeling like I wasn't seen as being supportive enough to go through it with her. I'd appreciate any insight, words of encouragement, whatever.
Discovering trauma through hypnotherapy? Means it’s only 50/50 the event actually occurred, and 1:1,000 to 1: 10,000 that it occurred as “remembered”. Although the memories are now “real” due to the hypnotherapy, even if they’re entirely false, they will feel real. Which is the second biggest reason why reputable hypnotherapists don’t touch trauma with a 10’ pole. The biggest reason being suicide/homicide/psychosis triggered by traumatic events revealed or explored under hypnosis.

Otherwise known as? I am so, so sorry.

I wasn't seen as being supportive enough to go through it with her. I'd appreciate any insight, words of encouragement, whatever.
She’s down the rabbit hole, now. Pretty much the only way you could be seen as being supportive? Is to be an abusive asshole, in true threat to her life. Beat her to within an inch of her life? OMFG, thankyou. ACTUALLY be supportive in any way? HOW DARE YOU, YOU ASSHOLE!!

It’s mental illness. It doesn’t make sense… by definition.

You have 6 years of history together, so you MIGHT break through, based on that. But if you don’t? That’s not you. That’s her.