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Sensate device?


Hey all,

My therapist sent out an email regarding this Sensate device thing and I was wondering if anyone has heard of it, has experience of it?

From what I can make out on their website, it’s a vibrating egg that is supposed to stimulate the vagus nerve? A bit like a cat purring on you. And there’s an app that goes with it.

I’m naturally a very cynical person and my initial reaction is it is an expensive bit of nonsense!
Vagus nerve research is really in its infancy and there are a lot of devices like this currently flooding the market, with lots of reports saying that they both do and don't work.

Can you try it out first? Because if it works for you, it's not nonsense.
True, not nonsense if it works I guess. Unfortunately it is prohibitively expensive; I would have to save up for it or something like it. Which is why I guess I’m looking to see if anyone happens to have experience with something like it.
I can imagine that it would be soothing for some people, including myself. I think the difference between literally anything else that vibrates and what this item specifically does is not big enough to justify how much it costs.