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Sufferer So, it seems I am not alone in the CPTSD journey.

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Hi, I have come out of the black pit and am now taking the first steps to communicate with others about being diagnosed with CPTSD. I have not even told anyone about this and now that I have found words, yes for a while I had no words, I am needing to connect. I feel so alone. Hoping this forum will help with this.
hello looki. welcome to the forum. sorry for what brings you here, but glad you are here. you are quite far from alone, whether you choose to acknowledge your fellow travelers, or knot.

congratulations on finding the courage to take those first hard steps toward recovery. i took the first steps to my own recovery in 1972 when combat ptsd was still being called, "shell shock." i have no regrets about the psychotherapy i worked under a smorgasbord of misdiagnosis until the cPTSD theories formalized in the late 90's. the tools i learned in that therapy still work when i work them, but girl howdy, having words for ^it^ makes a world of diff.

hope it helps you, too, along with the fellowship of your fellow travelers on the healing journey.
welcome aboard.
Wow, thank you all for your kind welcomes. Not so sure how all this works as I am a gen x, I can do tech but it takes time. (actually not even sure if DharmaGirl, PlainJane, Chelleen, Arfie, and Sideways will actually see this). Thanks so much for responding.
@Looking4Rainbows, welcome to the community! Navigating a forum can be overwhelming at first, but it's a great way to connect with others who share your experiences and concerns. Additionally, it's okay to take some time to get used to the site as there are many features to explore. Feel free to ask questions or post your thoughts in the different forums, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance that you may need. In closing, we want you to feel like you've found a welcoming space. Remember, the community is here to support you, and we're excited to see you grow and thrive with us. Additionally, our forums are a great place to ask questions and connect with others who share your interests and concerns. So don't be shy - post away!
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