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Childhood Weird Sensation In Genitals - Body Memory?


Your post and the responses made me realise that that uncomfortable tingling is a body memory... I was molested as a child and to this day still get that tingly feeling. "I am also asexual (don't like sex) thankfully my partner is okay with that :)
Thank you for saying what you did. I also don't like anything about s**. It took me half a century to finally decide to say "no" to anyone who wanted me to do anything that hurt me. (Even physically, it hurt.)

I still deal with the guilt, and I'm embaressed that I don't like it. It seems to be everywhere and I have a horrible time dealing with the idea that I'm wrong to not like it.


I think it's a body memory.

I experience something similar, just not in the genitals. As a child, my uncle held a drill or knife up to my neck a few times, or would hold me by the neck against the wall. Whenever someone touches my neck or even near my neck, like my head or shoulders, I just get this tingly feeling across my skin and shudder and it makes me feel sick. Sometimes seeing a knife or drill will trigger the feeling.

Body memories are more likely to occur if the trauma was experienced in your childhood. Same goes with emotional flashbacks.

Hope I helped.
I JUST posted a similar question an hour or so ago, asking if anyone ever felt their genitals tingle or feel turned on, or felt like there was a finger pushing into my/your vagina.

I thought I was alone because no one talks about that, but I'm so thankful I'm not the only one.

And yes, it's a body memory because of unresolved trauma being held in the body.
This post has really helped me.
I have suffered for years with these sensations which are mostly triggered if I see a child who resembles me at the same age of the abuse. I also developed POCD and worried constantly that these sensations meant I was a bad person. I was so ashamed. These are body memories of the abuse I suffered at a young age. I hate having them because they are in a sexual area, but they aren't from arousal, they are a memory.
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