What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

Tornadic Thoughts

Was craving fresh greens like a mofo last night (after eating heavier "comfort" dishes made with beans and nuts as of late), so I chopped a big ass bowl of locally grown spinach, topped with some red onion, celery, chopped avocado, toasted quinoa, mung bean sprouts, and drizzled with a little papaya poppy seed dressing. Operation get more greens accomplished...yum and yay.


what all the maple syrup is about
:sneaky: I got a bottle of it for Xmas.
I don’t eat sweet things very often... but I have a bit of a thing for sweet + meat. Its just like <swoon> happy everything.

Maple Syrup Sausage
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham
Spiced Honey Lamb
Almond Honey Chicken
Bourbon Chicken

Ditto the meat/fruit thing

Spiced apple pork
Orange chicken
Duck & cherry tamales
Meatballs w/ lingonberries
BBQ Chicken w/ peach glaze or mango salsa
Raspberry chipotle beef skewers

I’ve been dying to try the meatballs slow cooked in grape jelly thing for YEARS. But I don’t have ground beef very often, and when I do I usually forget >.< I really miss being able to buy an 1/8th of a cow.
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