What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


Salmon steak marinated for a couple of hours in coconut aminos, lemon juice and olive oil then cooked en papillote.

Served with some pan-fried asparagus and cherry tomatoes, black edamame noodles, and fresh basil.

With a glass of water.

Happy belly; happy brain.


In an attempt to rack up more time out of the house, I had noodles take out. Go me!

I discovered, in the process, that I am now that annoying customer: the one that wants the pad thai, but with tofu instead of chicken, and the satay sauce instead of the pad thai sauce, and by the time I'm done with my changes it really bares no resemblance to their Pad Thai option at all...

It's got to be an age thing. Or a vegan thing. But I knew I was annoying the "shouldn't you be at school" cashier, but I went on with my list of changes and didn't feel badly...at all😳



Beef stewed with turmeric, black pepper, pomegranate molasses, leeks, spinach, green apples (no quince or sour plums, sadly), w/ carrots & barley, & cilantro/fresh coriander. Thinking of serving it over cumin rice tomorrow. It’s sort of vaguely-Persian-but-also-not. Shrug. ‘S wicked good whatever it is. <<< I haven’t been eating well the past several whatever, & this seems to hit some of the deficits I’ve been building.


Sounds good @Friday I've got a bottle of pomegranate molasses yet to try it out.

Last had sugar free strawberry jelly / jello, sliced banana, squirty cream.

Hot smoked salmon, avocado, Lettuce, tomato, beetroot.


Dusted some pieces of kinless chicken though meat in flour, onion n garlic granules, paprika, cayenne, thyme, salt n chilli powder. Fried em in a wok. Then fried up some skinny fries
Both delicious.
Don't usually fry anything that way. Shall do so again.

Strawberry sugarfree jelly n squirty cream.