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What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

More vegan shake thing & espresso.

I’m RELATIVELY certain I sleep-walked making & eating a gyro last night???

Given the weird places I found my gyro-things (all neatly arranged in the bathroom, except for the shredded lettuce & tzatziki which were downstairs on the windshield of the car in the garage???), and not waking up starving o’the hunger.

(The frozen meat, thank f*ck, either never gets pulled all the way out -if one just needs a handful- or gets put back in the freezer before everything else is made/put-away, as it’s a 15lb box about 18” square? That’s a lot of meat to find safely tucked into the washing machine, or wherever the f*ck SleepwalkingFriday thought was an appropriate place to store frozen things. <casts eyes skyward>)

I don’t often sleepwalk, but when I do? The TASK I’ve set myself comes off flawlessly… but the transition? Royally f*cked. Like wash/dry/neatly fold everyone’s laundry (task), and oh so carefully place each persons things in various locations outside, before climbing onto the dining room table to go to sleep (transition).