What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

@Friday You know I actually needed that. Looking back, your right. Im not scared of the diagnosis. I have actually been preparing to hear this since HS. Family cancer deaths and all. I am preparing for the worse but...

And you made me laugh. "That dates you." 🤣Are you calling me old?🤣
I learned that in Chinese labor prison camps their main labor is making exports. A former prisoner interviewed on a podcast was told they had to make stuff perfectly because it was going for export and would represent China. She said they had a contract with Nestle to make promotional items. I wish I could understand labor and goods and do something about it. But it feels overwhelming. China and Bangladesh are especially on my mind. I feel helpless. In America it seems only rich people can avoid buying cheap imports so it becomes a statement of wealth to buy local. If you have enough time and strength to make your own clothes and goods that’s another kind of wealth. Thinking about labor and it feels like a giant blob of ick. There is s much suffering. I don’t want to be jaded, but I think I already am. So kind of peeling back and peering but no idea how to process.
My brain is racing flooded by thoughts and memories of my friend, the good and the sad. Those memories are leading to others and rich relationships I have over the decades. Realizing what I take for granted and recommitting to work harder at staying in touch with people as life is too damn short!
thinking about that eye test and reading the thread title as, 'how do your mummy issues play out', rather than what it said, 'how do your memory issues play out'