What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

women’s pants only have one size which isn’t even the same across brands? Do all women have the same leg length?
*loud cheers from the back row*
In some brands, they seem to find the one size that fits no one. In every size. How do they even do that???

Why don’t we get pockets? Pockets are awesome. Pockets are the only reason pants make any sense.

Why am I not allowed to have hips? I come with hips. That’s not a new thing. Women have had hips since humans were trying on animal-furs in the back of caves. Time to catch up, Mr Strauss.

And yes, if I am a 16 in one store, why am I an 8 in the next store? Can’t we introduce metric here, and just have them all predictable and relative to a fixed and determinable area?

Let’s be honest - gym wear isn’t a fashion trend, it’s an indictment on the fashion industry’s inability to make clothes that fit half the globe’s population. When I wear sweats to work, the very clear message is: I’ve given up trying. Sorry, not sorry.
Yes I get it ^^^, 28" inseam but I am short. End up wearing a kid's size 10 and they are too short. Waist is huge and not only no pockets but no belt loops, for women's especially. 😒

I have to wait 20 minutes.

Was thinking/ trying not to think, of someone's words I respect, who said if there is no communication there can be no relationship. I guess that would explain why I was always the last to be informed, everyone next to their dog but me. That was/ is their choice. I feel I must have been stupid to be understanding, because I guess it wasn't a friendship, at all. Also explains with my sisters, but that I was well aware of. Kind of makes me sad.
Why am I not allowed to have hips? I come with hips. That’s not a new thing. Women have had hips since humans were trying on animal-furs in the back of caves. Time to catch up, Mr Strauss.

I’m 6 feet tall in my bare feet. 38” inseam.

(I get the BEST compliments when I’m wearing sky high heels and people assume I’m a bloke, with an incredible surgeon!!! 🤣 Unless I happen to be dating someone 6’6. Snort. Then, all of a sudden, we start getting either private/VIP rooms without asking; or put on display near the door like we’re famous, or some kind of tourist attraction. I often wonder if the host seating people puts on a David Attenborough or Steve Irwin voice as they walk people past us? And here we have… oh! Watch out! Cranky!)

I’ve been attempting to cram girlish curves into mens clothes since I was 11. With varying degrees of success. Ranging from none at all to once in a blue moon

Women’s clothes are worse. Sadly, The “lasagna noodle” silhouette has just never caught on. (Loose on your narrow parts, and tight across your curves.)

Shocked me to learn that most bespoke clothes cost less than off the rack.

Of course, that requires a degree of planning I’m very rarely capable of.

C’est la vie.
Things normal people can do…. And how that’s sooooooooo subjective a glass to press one’s nose against.

Aaaaaaand how when I’m doing well much less wellest? Isn’t something that even enters my head. Because I DGAF about what I don’t have, or can’t have, regardless of who or how many other people have it; I have what I want, and what I need, and can cheerfully chase the rest. But when things are hard? Yep. All of a sudden I start actually caring about BS? FFS. Let’s add “stupid things to do” to a bad situation and make hard things harder?!? Brick wall. Bang head. 🧱 Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Thanks along by what someone else said, I (too) think life would be more fulfilling if we could live more richly, richly in terms of emotions, vulnerability and gratitude and support for one another. Of course many times there are dangers to risking that. Dangerous with certain people or in certain environments and joyful, kind, healing and supportive in rare others.