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What’s up for the weekend Survivor.. read you’ve been having long talks with doctors.. wishing you the best! Hoping you get the guidance and support you need.


It’s healthy but hard..
yeah too long a story but I made several phone calls and got things sorted. Fingers crossed they follow through with appointments and stuff.


No mum didn't come round today but she phoned. @Rani G2

The triage nurse at the mental health services told them that I didn't want to be under their care, dumb bitch. That's why they discharged me. I spoke to the psychiatrists Secretary and got things sorted out.


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Glad when the Biorhythum is working..
I suppose, but unfortunately, Americans frequently take for granted that we have so many time zones, and they send invites things with a time and then you've got to do some research to figure out what time they really mean and hope they didn't mean your time. I was struggling with this, today, so it was front and center of my not very thoughtful previous comment. I hope that was, in fact, what you were referring to. 😂