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Minor Gripe O’T’Day…

Jeans that reeeeeally have to be worn once, to look good/feel good, having stretched in all the right ways, in all the right places?

Having to be washed EVERY time I wear them, because, Covid.


I need to plan better.

If I’m fond of breathing, that is, and not having my super power name be Muffin-topping camel-toe…. To the rescu-gasp! I can’t breathe!- To the rescue! (Tugs pants) Up up and awaaaaaaay! gasp, pant, gasp… breathing. We need to breathe. Aaaargh. f*ck these pants.


Yeah, was crazy with things down yesterday! Instagram was down too and I often scroll through that for relaxation. In addition, a game I like was down too. Wasn’t related to the other outages, just bad luck I guess,


I haven’t been fluent in Japanese since I was a kid… but every once in awhile something creeps out.

Went to the bathroom to check my hair iron, not ready, and grumpily muttered ‘to da nai!” Google translate says that means “not”.

No idea if the context is correct, IRL, it sounds fairly ubiquitous & not at all in line with the tone I was chastising with… but I suspect it’s at least correct enough for a 4 yo either grumpy about something, or an adult grumpily saying “don’t” for the ten zillionth time that hour.

It’s wacky how the things I DONT think about? Tend to be at least vaguely accurate. But if I’d tried to say something on purpose? It would probably translate to man with broom, or sex with ostriches, or some such nonsense.