Chat, check-in, and hang out


I’m not even here for me… but for my kid.

AND I have emergency meds on board.

AND they’re like, marathon winners of ‘best dentist’ (year after year, for nearly a decade)

AND their Covid protocols are the best I’ve seen… anywhere

AND the office is reeeeeeally nice, and the receptionist has purple hair,


All good things.

I reeeeeeally just need to cool my jets. Breathe. >.<


It did. Best it could have gone. And I was only a babbling lunatic in public for about 90 seconds. <wipes sweat off forehead> Whew!

Now I just need to let myself crash for a bit & dewhirl down. Without picking up the guilt/shame bat 🦇 ⚾️ & wacking me’self over the head with it. Snicker, or letting it swoop about and get tangled up in my hair. Since emojiland appears to think I’m talking about Lookout! We’re in Bat County! Rather than take me out to the ball game. 🤣


I don’t buy gung ho / service branded clothes on principle.

But I’m having a reeeeally hard time not grabbing a dark blue shirt, with dark red lettering (IE hard to see)

Better Than You Since
1 7 7 5

Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna do it.
Yep. Yep. Yep. Really, really wanna.


Snort… my neighbors have finally realized why they have a zillion dollar water bill:

They set their sprinklers on motion detector to deter the neighborhood cats.

During the daytime? Cats are smart. They might turn on for a few seconds here or there over the course of the week.

But at night? The coyotes & raccoons are just like paaaaaatay!!! 🎉

Their sprinklers run from dusk to dawn, nearly every night of the week.

I can’t believe it really took them 4 months to figure that out. They must be real good sleepers.


I've been stressed over my daughter, she's 37 yrs old, living in the streets, and is struggling with a heroin addiction...I had to put out a missing persons on her yesterday because she fell off the grid about 2 and 1/2 months ago and no one has talked to her since about the 2nd of

When I get really, really stressed like I am right now, my body tends to want to shut down and I am so exhausted, just absolutely weary, and I could use a little support from my friends.

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am this morning.