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I think it's a shame when in-laws make trouble in their adult children's lives. I had a lot of trouble with my in-laws too. They put spells in our home, made almost impossible for our marriage to take place and gossiped all sorts of things around town. We moved several states away to get away from them. @SunsetDawn83


Oh no! Sorry to hear! I kept lizards for many years. I can imagine it's very difficult to keep them alive when they are living outside of a cage! I live in Arizona and there are no lizards I know of that could survive inside a house here without a cage, but my uncle kept a Tokay in his greenhouse for a few years. I heard that in Hawaii and Florida geckos can live inside houses for a while, especially the old style houses which are more drafty to the outside.

I like your drawing on your avatar by the way! Reminds me of stuff I doodle that tend to have big eyes 😳 😊