Chat, check-in, and hang out


Today I am thinking of you and for all of you who are struggling with PTSD and trying to keep your head up, I am wishing each of you love to know you are enough, strength to know you can rise above, and comfort to know you don't have to do it all have friends who care about you. Shine on my friends.


Totally Fictional Dream Job - Killjoy.

Which is essentially a skip tracer / courier? (In space. Because SciFi.) Which I’ve kinda sorta done? (Clearly, not in space.) But merely as a small facet of a much larger job. Like I might track someone down once or twice a year out of 100-200 totally unrelated gigs, and help someone else track someone -or as the starting point of a different thing- a couple dozen times. Shrug. Which I also f*cking loved, at the time, as things were always changing & there were always new things to learn, to perfect, to get my ass handed to me wrapped for f*cking xmas. Sigh.

It’s not like I’m 40 or anything <cue midlife crisis music> Not like it might be a BIT late to still be dithering over “what do I want to do when I grow up”. Headdesk.


I don’t happen to be watching Killjoys, at the moment. Altered Carbon, is what’s being restarted. Which makes sense? New lives. New choices. Old choices. Choice. Such a motherf*cker.


Alternatively… it’s Halloween. Which means it’s clearly time to be a Space Cowboy, Time Traveling Ninja, Mermaid PI. 😎

Yep. f*ck the serious shit. We’re going with that one.

🎃 👻 🧜‍♀️ 🥷 🤠 👻 🎃


Yup. Ghana has a hippo sanctuary n I begged everyone to come visit it with me to see hippos in their natural habitat. Still not found a willing travel buddy 😒

Well I did, but she said she would be able to hug a lion cos animals and her have an understanding so the lion would know she wouldn't wanna hurt it. So I ruled her out myself. Cos I wanna see the hippos. Not get dead cos my travel buddy tried to stroke one 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
I wanna go see the hippos-got my full frame camera and all my shots to Africa. I saw a Congo trip....2 weeks and we'd see Gorillas.....oh.....yes, to Gorillas too!


Hi all Just popped in after meeting up online a few days ago with another member on a completely different kind of website. We were both shocked LOL So a wave to @Lionheart from me. 👋

After having a nosey round i see a few of the old faces still around. I still chat to some of the old memebers on FB. Pointed a few others in this direction too.

I am still into my essential oils and a whole lot more now. I got some amazing feed back not long ago about the stong blend i put on here all those years ago. It seems it prevented him from going full blown PTSD. His Dr said that he should have no more issues after he used it for a month, 6 weeks into his issues from an attack. Still kicking hubby's butt, who is doing really well now. Just the odd small episode, the big ones now are few and fae between. You can lay your money on the big ones being caused by outside influences.

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniverssary back in Sept and 21 years together. 14 with PTSD. Yep we are still together LOL Even though he does still do my head in.

Hope your all doing well, may pop in a bit more often. I promise to behave @joeylittle. I am still flying free

Take care all See you again real soon. 🧙‍♀️🦋