Chat, check-in, and hang out

Hey all!

Only been here a short while, so still navigating all this. Ptsd, and this site 🤣🤦‍♀️
Therapy has started for ptsd symptoms. 1st was building a safe space, building a relationship with T etc. 2nd was ROUGH! Don't get me wrong, T was incredibly kind and compassionate and ensured I was calm enough before leaving, but jeez it was rough day/week. 3rd was more just chatting about my charity work, a little of my own trauma and that of others I've met through the charity. This is because she's away for 2wks and didn't want to leave that length of time after I'd had such a rough time following the 2nd session. Made total sense, and I felt lighter afterwards.
Been a busy week, and as I say, I'm still navigating all this, but I almost feel a bit uncertain or anxious about not having a session for another 2wks. Is that normal? Feeling quite low, but I can't say for certain why which is new for me 🙄


Yes, I'm OK I guess. Resting and listening to the radio. Tonight is bonfire night/fireworks and I was invited out but I'm not going. Lousy weather.
Aw bless you. Anything making you feel like this? Always here for you. Oh, the weather is horrible here. It’s raining. I’m listening to beeps of machines.