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@Lionheart You deserve to be heard. What would you say to someone who didn’t feel uncomfortable?
It probably should make a person uncomfortable. It can happen to anyone. Taking street drugs is not a game, it can be fatal and that is what happened to my niece. She made some poor choices and it cost her her life. Please learn from her and don't repeat the mistake.


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Hope you feel better soon @Kerker2011..I have hope for others had for me...this time last year I would never have believed I could get stronger. But my therapist and loved ones including here..helped so much. You're not alone here. ❤️🫂
If only I felt I have loved ones.
My therapist hasn't helped me much at all. We only have phone conversations for sessions. She isn't a trauma therapist, only trauma informed. We keep talking for one reason and one only: I've no one else to talk with.


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I understand @Kerker2011 no worries.
Sad to hear you feel no loved ones. I know that.

Curious..does your therapist suggest you find someone new?
I was without insurance and only recieving disability income. I'm seeing a psychiatrist the last of this month. I hope to not only get some professional answers as well as a therapist referral or recommendation. My current therapist is mostly pro bono at this time.