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Rani G

I'm glad you are ok. And I understand that.
Thank you Invisible Fire..
we could get our brains to cooperate all would be well, Maybe..?
It’s difficult for me to say it in a more comprehensible way, there is a lot of focus on Biochemistry, Brain and limbic system blah blah, makes a lot of sense, then again the aspects of environment, genetic passing come into play also, which makes it more harder to see it as just the broken brain thing.. there is an interdependence, just the Focus on the Brain leaves many other facets out of the picture. Not saying that Neuroplasticity/neurochemistry shouldn’t be explored, it’s just too one- dimensional.

Sorry got too long.. you might have a different opinion on that?

I didn’t Do yoga for two days, No Gym just training at the park, or at home. How about you? :-)

Invisible Fire

Just ignore the brain thing.. I think I don’t make much sense 😜
it makes sense. I am just beginning to explore the idea of neuroplasticity. I do think our opinions on this do vary. I agree there are many facets to it all but I also believe I have some control. Although I am not at that point of grasping, I think its a life long journey. And being willing to learn is what helps, in my opinion.