How Did You Sleep Last Night?

I awoke after a couple of hours with a massive depression, it was so bad that I was almost suicidal. Then I sobbed for a while.

I've upped my meds today. Not sure if I should go to bed or not.


I'm staying in a modest motel, which has outside entrances....unlike a hotel, with the entrance inside the building. I parked my car in front of my window. I've had some issues w a friend, and then there was the smokers outside my door as I entered. It was a 1st floor motel, and the people who were next door were loud and drinking. The floor was dirty. I woke up several times, and looked out to see if my car was still there.....and the last time I woke up, I thought I heard the roar of an engine....and I leaped out of bed expecting to see my vehicle missing, and there it was.... I fell back I had been anxious all night about this place....and woke up to the sound of a repair man in the room next to me drilling into the wall. .I asked for another room on the 3rd floor. Hoping for a better night.....the trip went well until then.


I slept rather deeply last night. I don't recall waking up at all. When I finally did wake up I found that I had drooled down the left side of my face which tells me I was sleeping deeply and well.


Holy faaaaaaaawk. I slept like the dead.

((Assuming the dead have Russian spy movies playing on a loop.))

I usually sleep about 4 hours. 7 if I’m doing really well. Catnaps if I’m doing really badly. 4 hours? Is a nice solid halfway point I’m quite happy with.

15. I slept for 15 f*cking hours. That’s 3 and a half days of sleep. In one go. And at some point? My right arm fell asleep, too. No idea when, but seeing as it took 2 hours for the pins and needles to stop? Fairly early on, is most likely.

f*ck me.

At least I wasn’t working, yesterday? So I didn’t wake up finding I’d slept through a shift. Which would have totally happened -and I would care deeply about- except by dumb luck.

I’m one pot of coffee in, and about to make a second pot. The chemical ratio in my bloodstream is totally out of whack. I have something like 10 hours of caffeine et al to make up for.