How Did You Sleep Last Night?


I was so tired from not having slept much the night before. My dog woke me around 2:30 a.m. and I was so thankful because I was dripping with sweat from a graphic, violent CSA nightmare. Went downstairs to let him out and I was still dizzy and disoriented.


Doin the sleep 2 up 10 thing for the past, IDFK. Since I’m living 3 days for every 24 hours it’s been about 2 week since Monday, and it’s only Thursday. Or Friday. One of those. 2 weeks back. Or ahead. 😵‍💫


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Oops, I wasn't drunk but I wasn't sober either, just 3 glasses of wine and slept OK last night. About 7 hours, the nightmares were there but I didn't wake screaming. Ask me again tomorrow.
Careful! We all know the booze ptsd and decent sleep dilemma…le sigh.

I just started prazozin. It seems to help with the intensity I feel from recurring nightmares but it isn’t lessening severity but maybe less vivid?

it’s weird sleep but I am logging more consistently (still suffering triggers falling asleep here and there) I ain’t Pharm industry, just someone who would prefer blacked out drunk sleep to pills but that’s usually risky drinking long term!


At last, sleep! 8 hours. Had a stomach flu after Christmas and I have the extra fun of Addison's to go with.
Normally would go to the hospital for a shock dose of hydrocortisone but.....
Without enough cortisone there is no sleep so I had a few naps but no real sleep for 4 days.
Forgive me if I'm mistaken but I couldn't find anything similar to this listed in the threads.

I thought it would be a really good tool to have. To talk about how you slept last night or any dreams you may have had etc..

Last night my sleep wasn't so interesting but it did strike me. I slept amazingly; I didn't move at all, I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. Though I cannot remember any dreams. I think my body really needed a rest like that.
Fitfully, as is the norm lately then I was up at 4 am. I wish a good night's sleep for us all tonight.


I had a nightmare :( I was desperately trying to get my mom and dad's attention as well as my husband. It didn't make sense. And it was in my Dad's old house, which is a thing because I loved it there. -- when I woke up I realized it's because I've been trying to tell these three people what's going on with me and it's hard because I don't even understand that we'll and sometimes I'm so numb or disconnected that I just choose not to. I feel nobody in my life cares about how different I am after the trauma. And I hate how different I am. I'm on a lot of medicine and I'm really tired.


7.5 hrs....soundly, after taking 1000mg magnesium! Keeping my curtains open so the sun shines on me in the morning, setting the alarm for the same wake up time-sunrise, getting up and looking at the beauty outside, and mostly avoiding all negativity-includes all sensory input (music, videos, TV, and phone calls that could be other people gearing up at night with their shit, and no negative output on my part like....journaling, poetry, personal conversations) past about 5pm has helped tremendously to keep my head noise quiet and promote keeping my circadian rhythms in sync during the cloudy or sunless days of winter!


Woke up on the couch in a deep sleep and thought I'd better go to bed but couldn't go back to sleep. Got back up about 5.30 and watched TV. Dozed off for a few hours. Not great.