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She got engaged, I envy her


New Here
A promise ring. *sigh* he gave me a promise ring a month in. A MONTH! That's when I should have left, I should have known. Especially when he had ignored me in anger. That was MY choice to say no. I'm glad I did. He promised marriage but way too damn quick. Still we talked about it, we were young and dumb high schoolers. Now, several years later, it's like whenever someone gets engaged....ugh! I feel so much pain emotionally but I hide it behind a smile towards the friend that got engaged. I want to celebrate with her really I do, but I'd rather cry. Is that wrong?
Hi Ocean147

A lot of things we do when we are 'young and dumb' can hurt for a very long time. That's why I joined myptsd.

Found a couple of articles that might help. Please ignore if they are not relevant.