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Suicide the ultimate avoidance

Yep, slow slow. That shit goes to worse shit when working on trauma is super normal so just hang on tight.

And not everyone's :sneaky:
For many people thats just normal life and not all that phasing. Truly.

Personally I'm a lot happier with stressed out people shouting than stressed out people silent and letting out a deep breath.

Shouting people are lot less trouble... only other people tend to be some times unnerved over the top by them. ;)
What's going on Osi?

If it's about the borders closed, don't panic... they will open the soonest that situation is safe. If the govt closed them it means they care for people's health & got everyone covered.

A good thing.
Okay, what is the most supportive your T regularly does?

You bridged it before and can now *too*, because you already learned skills just by being in therapy.

And the T is a smart person... will take care of themselves ;) So not like losing them when you aren't there.

It's not that kind of situation.
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Rough night.
Want to self harm.
Playing the game of is the payoff of feeling better now worth being utterly disgusted with myself later?
Too tired for this :banghead:
Some other options that'll help you feel a bit better now, without feeling disgusted later?
-hold some ice
-ice water splashed over face
-cold water run over wrists (a go-to of mine)
-hair tie flicked against wrists
-drawing red lines with pen on skin (apparently helps some people)
-burpees/running on the spot/jumping jacks
-scream into a pillow
-punch a pillow
-write out what's on your mind
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