What Did You Eat And Drink Last?


🥶 It’s still 50 degrees and raining here… will be until the 4th of July, most years.

🥵 TheKiddo is flying into 115 degree Texas tonight. 😱

I love that kind of heat, but he’s never been in it. One more Mom-Thing-T-Worry-Bout. Aieeeeeee. Breathe motherf*cker. <shakes self by scruff of neck>


<<< Now comfort eating garlic pepper broccoli & mashed potatoes. IDFK why that’s comfort food? But it is.
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Haven’t posted in this thread for a while and, I have to admit, I’m largely posting now to break previous habit of posting here when I’d eaten something unhealthy!

So…sea bass, bulgar wheat, chargrilled courgettes.

Feel quite pleased with self as a) it was quite healthy and b) my partner usually cooks dinner and I generally believe I can’t cook. But as she’s just been struck down with Covid and is feeling really grotty, I had to get into action in the kitchen. Was so tempted to have something on toast but pushed myself to make the effort and try to cook a ‘proper’ meal. Which I did!